The Business Model

What is TRM?

TRM represents a coordinated and comprehensive process incorporating injured workers, insurers, employers, medical professionals and rehabilitation service providers from the time of injury, through all phases of medical and rehabilitation management, to facilitate early return-to-work and settlement. TRM is specially designed to accommodate the present Employees’ Compensation (EC) system in Hong Kong, making use of both public and private medical facilities so as to assist the injured workers returning to work in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. The ultimate goal of injury management is to help the injured worker returning to a meaningful job, which in turn, cut down the unnecessary common law damage claims.

Objectives of TRM

Recognition that insurers, employers and injured workers are the primary stakeholders within the EC system.

Early and Proactive Approach

  • Combined with the professional knowledge of our Rehabilitation Coordinators, Claims and settlement consultants, Medical Specialists, Rehabilitation Service Providers, we provide a quality and effective rehabilitation management to injured workers.
  • Allocation of costs in every case is well controlled by our Claims Management Team and based on specific objective goals. It improves the rate of work return and reduces the total cost of compensation.
  • Through efficient and systematic communication between injured workers, insurers, employers, brokers, treating medical professionals and rehabilitation service providers (with appropriate confidentiality) to reinforce desirable behaviour with all parties in the whole process.
  • All parties are involved in the process that is transparent and decisions are jointly made. The interests of all parties are equally considered and we assure that every case is handled legally and ethically.
  • Avoid Expensive Litigation process

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