The Concept

We strongly believe that early intervention is the key for successful injury management. As a result, we develop Total Rehabilitation Management(TRM). It can help the injured workers to be recovered in a cost effective and efficient manner by:

  • Best planning of work rehabilitation
  • Maximizing the rehabilitation potential
  • Reducing prolonged sick leave
  • Promoting early return to work
  • Channeling communication between employers and employees
  • Reducing cost of compensation
Our business model, TRM, has been used as a work injury system for various construction, catering and transportation companies. The results are most positive. It has been shown that the time required to recover is much shorter and majority of injured workers can return to their pre-injury work duties. The key factors for TRM’s success are caring attitude, holistic view and RTW assistance. We give support and counseling to the injured workers. If it is necessary, we will conduct a worksite evaluation to perform a comprehensive job analysis and design a RTW plan with professional job coaching.  

The result shows that 90% of injured workers can return to their pre-accident job or similar duties. Sick leave period has been significantly reduced comparing with previous year without injury management. The cases that require litigation has been cut to minimal. At the end, it creates a WIN-WIN situation for employers, employees and insurers.

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