The System

TRM is based on the concept of early intervention and timely rehabilitation program. By getting workers back to full duty as soon as possible, employers can save money by reducing periodical payments and resuming normal productivity. We have divided the system into Basic Level Management and High Level Management:

Basic Level Work Injury Management

The basic level management is designed for corporate clients. We start our injury when the injury is reported. We will phone monitor the injured worker and determine if it is a work related injury. Once the liability is confirmed, we will continue to monitor the case until the worker returns to work. If there is any problem is encountered, TRM will provide assistance to resolve the problem at early stage and settle the case in a cost effective and efficient manner.

High Level Work Injury Management

High Level injury is proposed for those cases with problem in recovery or return to work. We will provide a personal interview of the injured worker and determine the obstacles in RTW. Then, we design an individualized rehabilitation plan to speed up the recovery and assist the injured worker returning to work. If there is problem encountered in returning to work, our return to work specialist will perform a site visit and design a suitable RTW plan so as to ensure safe and durable work return.

Return to Work (RTW)

Return to work is one of the most important aspect of work injury management. Our RC will perform Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to determine the work capacity of the injured worker. Afterwards, we will work closely with employer so as to design suitable RTW plan for the injured worker so as to facilitate early and safet work return.

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